L’Équipée (Nairobi, Kenya)

Lilo & Justine Chaumont / +254 711 407035/ lilochaumont@gmail.com / www.lequipee.co.ke

L’Équipée is a Nairobi-based design studio founded by Lilo Chaumont and her daughter Justine. They produce furniture and various home accents, in collaboration with 19 artisans.

Keeping in mind that skill is refined in open mindedness rather than in fancy machinery, L’Équipée have found the sweet spot to be in creative dialogue; “in Nairobi, everything is discussed whilst rigorous planning and modelling are cast aside. These conversations result in unpretentious and quirky creations, with each piece telling a story” says Lilo.

Each project is a challenge for L’Équipée; challenges that the studio’s artisans take up with their ingenuity.

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