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Kenya Handweavers

Roselyn / +254 721 489931  /

The Kenya Handweavers’ co-operative was started in June 2017 to re-energise the weaving sector in collaboration with the government and SITA project of the International Trade Centre (ITC). It currently has 65 members, both individual weavers and companies, who have come together from all over the country with the aim of:

  • Promoting and marketing handwoven products
  • Sourcing and distributing raw materials, machinery and equipment to the members
  • Marketing and selling members products to domestic and international markets
  • Training members on product development and quality control

The cooperative will be unveiling a new collection that comprises of table mats, runners, rugs, pillow cases and throws, created with a mix of machine spun and handspun yarn in cotton and wool as well as waste textile fabric.

Two by Four (Nairobi, Kenya)

Kwekwe Kivutha & Jeremy Moses / +254 706 240207/ +254 723 706026 / /

Two by Four is an upcoming interior architecture and design studio offering design consultancy within the residential and commercial realm.

Creating a select line of products including the living pod, furniture, cabinetry, and accessories, design duo Kwekwe and Jeremy are inspired by Nairobi’s vibrant urban-maker culture.

For the Afrika Handmade popup, Two by Four has created Mbili, a thoughtfully designed, Afropolitan inspired line of home and office furniture & accessories. This collection embodies a minimalist form yet appears bold, modern and playful through an intentional use of vibrant colors, pattern and simple angular forms. It sits light on its feet and appeals to an audience that appreciates simple forms, multi-functional use and unapologetic boldness.

Tintsaba (Hhohho, Swaziland)

Richard Freemantle / /

Established in Swaziland in 1985, Tintsaba has earned itself a reputation as the go-to place for refined craftsmanship and exceptional quality of handwoven products for home decor.

From an initial number of 12, the organization now works with over 1000 women spread all over rural Swaziland, creating stunning pieces with the invasive weed, sisal (Agave Sisalana). And to prove just how popular the products have become over the years, the company exported an impressive 70,000 pieces in 2016. 


Mango Patch (Nakuru, Kenya)

Abigail & Chris Arnold / /

In creating Mango Patch, founders Abigail and Chris wanted to create a company that “makes the loveliest things ever, that people would buy anyway for their home, but that it has the best added bonus – that they are helping people too.”

Four odd years later, Mango Patch has created a niche for itself not only for the shabby chic aesthetic but also for their fair trade and ethical principles that ensure that not only ensures stable employment, but also provides social services such as education and healthcare.

Nahar (Nanyuki, Kenya)

Phyllis Muchemi / +254 722 327 991 / /

From its humble beginnings in 2011, Jambo Kenya Women’s Group has grown to become a noteworthy organization, largely due to its capacity to fulfill bulk orders.

Situated in Nanyuki, the organization works with various mediums including wood, beads, resin and textiles.

The organization is driven by its mission to support the less fortunate, thus works to train its members, equipping them with transferrable skills that enable an income.

Ziwani Weavers (Nyahururu, Kenya)

Joseph Matu / +254 726 027 091 / /

Ziwani Weavers is a family-owned business specializing in the spinning and weaving of hand woven blankets, carpets and shawls.

Joseph, who currently manages the company, says he was inspired by his father to get into the business “he would come home with virgin wool and after a few days of intense work, proudly display beautiful, cozy blankets,” reminisces Joseph.

Using wool as the main medium, he describes the process as one that appears to be simple, but is in fact, painstaking. “Removing the wax, perspiration, dirt and insects from fleece is a delicate process, one that requires a certain level of skill because it is very easy to damage the fiber during this process. At the same time, it is a highly rewarding experience every time we meet a happy customer.”

Knotty Things (Limuru, Kenya)

Charity Kinegeni / -+254 722804040 /

Knotty Things, nestled in the Tigoni highlands is inspired by the recollections of time with family, warmth and hearty conversation and nature.

Offering a wide range of products including handmade crochet products, afghan blankets and macramé pot and wall hangings, the small enterprise identifies itself with bold splashes of colour and a promise of comfort for your living space.

Simply Sandara (Nanyuki, Kenya)

Sandra Hill / +254 720 851 937 / /

Simply Sandara is a Kenyan home textiles brand providing a fresh and contemporary approach to Kenyan textile design. Head of design and founder Sandra Hill describes each roll of fabric as authentically designed, with motifs springing forth from the designer’s personal sketchbooks.

“Our business is about more than just fabrics. It’s about creativity and constantly pushing boundaries to come up with designs that are beautifully crafted, true to us and innovative.”

“Ours is a creative business that is passionate about art and artists, design and designers, craft and crafters in the African context. We want to challenge the status quo and harness our nation’s creative talent, using it to redirect the narrative of contemporary Kenyan textile design.”

Rusty Fundi (Nairobi, Kenya)

Jonathan Baker / / +254 738359479 /

Rusty Fundi ingeniously merges wrought iron and reclaimed wood in an industrial, rustic finish of functional art into your workspace or home. Blending the clean lines of bare metal with the organic, natural weathering of timber, Rusty Fundi produces a striking finish that stands the test of time in usage and aesthetic.

With an already established range of products to choose from, or incorporating their design team for your own personal touch, you can be sure their creations will get everybody talking for years to come. And should you have something out of the ordinary you would like help bringing to life, Jonathan and his team are happy to hear your ideas.

Tosheka Textiles (Wote/Nairobi, Kenya)

Lucy & Herman Bigham / +254 722 837811/+254 733 368880 / /

Founded in 2010 by Lucy and Herman Bigham, Tosheka Textiles is registered as a Limited company in Kenya and the US.

Specializing in the production of eco-friendly textiles for home, apparel and accessories, the company has firmly established itself as the go-to place for innovative textile production.

Tosheka utilizes natural fibers, recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, with products being handcrafted using traditional weaving, knitting and fashioning techniques of local Kenyan artisans.