Symposium program

The only event of its kind, Afrika Handmade Symposium offers a unique opportunity for the sharing of ideas and resources amongĀ artisans and designers in the handmade sector.

The symposium emerged from Jumpstart Thursday, a much smaller monthly forum that we started in 2012. The reasoning behind this gathering was the need to create a platform for peer to peer exchange. Too often, we found situations where one entity – for example government- knew nothing of what was happening on the ground, and vice versa.

It therefore became apparent that there was the need to create a networking forum that would allow for the exchange of ideas, resources and information, not only among the various organizational entities, but among artisans and designers as well.

The program below is in draft and therefore likely to change. What will not change however, is our consistency in facilitating interactive, meaningfulĀ discussions.

You can register for the symposium via this link.

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